Fifty Ten USA

Full-Size Tray

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The tray is the base for everything. It allows free access from all three sides (no irritating sidewalls or hatch in front of your legs, as with the original trunk) and has safe and tidy space for everything, that is usually slipping around on the cargo area.

It can be loaded easily by a forklift.

It consists of the following elements:

  • a flat platform with airline rails all around and in the center.
  • a Goose Gear™ baseplate with anti-slip and anti-scratch cover. Size: 1.8m wide and 1.6m long
  • water- and dustsafe boxes right and left. They open sideways and allow easy access with just one hand.
  • the storage boxes can be replaced easily in case of  damage (e.g. in rough 4×4 terrain)
  • big drawer at backside with 160l volume and up to 220kg of load capacity
  • all locks can be operated with the same key
  • fenders can be adjusted to your tire width
  • rear LED lighting
  • new filler neck