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Camper Systems & Trays


The FiftyTen System

The Tray

The tray is the base for everything. It allows free access from all three sides (no irritating sidewalls or hatch in front of your legs, as with the original trunk) and has safe and tidy space for everything, that is usually slipping around on the cargo area.

The Box

The box is the core of the FiftyTen System. It is designed with focus on functionality and looks. The angle of the sidewalls and the overhang at the back creates additional room and a dynamic appearance. Your joy will start, when looking at your setup and will go on during its use.

The Tent

The dream-area: in only a few seconds the rooftop-tent is set up. And with it, you gain standup height inside the box. Just undo the security hook and push it open. The rest will happen by itself. 

Easy mount & Dismount System

With the optional jack stands, your FiftyTen Box and Tent dismounts to free up your tray and give you more options.


Interior by Goose Gear™

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A feast for outdoor fans and road trippers! Fiftyten is a universal travel cabin with roof tent for all double cabin pickups. It consists of a basic platform with storage space instead of the original loading area, a box as living space and a large, comfortable roof tent for sleeping. The elegant, practical and sophisticated solution for campers and nature lovers was awarded the ISPO Brandnew Winner in the category Hardware Summer at the ISPO Munich 2018.

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